Final brand indentity

Mix logo final

This is the final logo design, it uses a hand drawn cursive typeface that gives the three letter word a bit of a flow, a simple aesthetic that is simple and easy on the eyes, yet quite bold and ready to wow, the style is very clean and smooth, i feel the logos visual prowess is easy on the eyes and visually pleasing.

I think that the cursive typeface is a suitable style for the company, it gives the company a essence of luxury and quality, where at the same time it could come across as a fun, light-hearted or ‘hip’ product, i feel that this logo could be accompanied with other visual element and become stronger, for both the logo and the other elements (be it the background imagery or the information on the bottle).


scorilowordpress1 copy


Brand colour scheme:

mix colour scheme


Logos with colour scheme:



Plastic Smoothie cup – Mock-up

smoothie cup mockup


window sign/decal

mix window sign

 T-shirt/clothing mockup

 Final Product mock up:



post hang mockup


all together – mockups:

indentity mockups



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