Typography for branding

Typography is an essential part of branding, however it is not the most important aspect, it is only when typography is partnered with appropriate colours, markings and graphics, that it becomes significant. For example the ‘Ford’ logo:

The Ford logo could be examined as just the cursive typography that makes up the word ‘Ford’, but this is not true, as without the symbolic navy blue oval the logo would falter, it is these three elements (typeface, colour, shape) that create the identity of the logo, and build the structure of the brand.

Typography, or more specifically typefaces, are there to set a mood, to show emotion and to create the illusion of what the product/company/band..ect stands for, this is done in a very subtle and subliminal way, but it is an essential part of the brand identity,
“logotypes and brand marks, of course, are not the same as fonts, although they may soon become them.” –  Garfield (2010, p.273),  He goes on to explain that logo typefaces are not legitimate fonts, as of course, they only spell out the word they were intended for, whereas a font is an A-Z of typographical letters that can be used for text blocks or a sentence. He uses band names as examples, such as the Beatles, Coldplay and the Gorillaz, he explains that they use customised typefaces for there logos, but only the letters that are needed are designed, for example for the Beatles, only the letters; t-h-e-b-e-a-t-l-e-s, are created, and thus means that it is a logotype and not a font or typeface.

  • Garfield, S (2010). just my type. london: profile books. 272-273.

The use of typography in terms of brand identity is one that can be the difference between a satisfactory brand and one that is prestigious, renowned and luxurious. Typography can be used solely to portray the attributes of a company, many companies or corporations use certain fonts to show what the nature of the company, and what their aims are, along with the essence of the company and a hint to whom there attended audience is.

Sony is a good example of this, as there logo is a simple, elegant, serif typeface, The Sony logo incorporates a slightly modified form of the Clarendon typeface.

Logotype – Michael Evary

In the book logotype by Michael Evary, the use of fonts to portray a company’s heritage, background and purpose, is documented and analysed, Evary explains that this is: “A word or an abbreviation set in a typeface chosen to convey something of the nature, stature or character of the Organisation. it is where the focus falls squarely on the letterforms themselves and on the communication of basic essential values through type”.


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