The Psychology of branding

I have given myself the task of studying the effects branding has on the popularity of a product, to complete this task effectively. I must look into multiple aspects of the sales of a product, such as; the quality of the product, the recognition of the company and the efficiency of the branding, among others.
I aim to look at what makes popular products, popular and what makes less popular products, less popular, i must take into account the price of the product, the popularity, legibility, target audiences and demographic, point of sale and quality of the products i will look at. For this project i feel it necessary to conduct these studies based on the sales of popular/unpopular drinks companies, that are in the market today.

From a design perspective i will look at theories involving colour and typography, logotypes and semiotics, to distinguish what makes a brand or product, work and sell. All of these attributes come into the category of brand psychology. Brand psychology to most people might symbolise ‘brainwashing’ or ‘subliminal persuasion’, what it means to me is choosing the right elements to effectively promote a product to its appropriate target audiences.

 “While the idea of corporate reputation is nothing new among public relations and marketing professionals, linking diverse brand initiatives for cumulative psychological effect on target audiences is the work of building a brand identity. It starts and ends with what people think-or, more accurately, what a brand can inspire people to think.” – (Budelmann, 2010)

The above quote from ‘essential elements for brand identity’ describes the aim of this project very efficiently, persuading people to buy a product is the primary aim in branding, and using brand psychology is a brilliant method in which to do this, having an appropriate logo that uses a custom typeface and incorporates elements sufficient to the ethics of the company is extremely important as this is what the viewer see’s, remembers and is drawn to.

budelmann, K & Kim Y (2010). essential elements for brand identity. beverly, massachusettes: Rockport publishers, inc. 84


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