Product design

Poster advertisment design

A look at other smoothie brands

Above are some examples of smoothie brands, and what there tactics are to entice there audience to drink healthier/ Be healthier, a lot of the concepts are very generic, displaying general information like “one of your 5-a-day” or that they are cheap, however some caught my eye, such as the typographic poster made up of the word of the ingredients of each drink, this is a very nice visual concept however it is tricky to read and decipher. I was surprised to see that very little of the posters use any imagery of fruit, not to say that they don’t, i just expected more.

Most concepts use a very lower tone and desaturated colours combinations to get there point across, i have noticed a lot use green in there designs, most likely because this symbolises health and nature.. and so on. however there is very little in the way of a set colour scheme, as they use the colours made up from the smoothies themselves and then apply the appropriate contrasting tone to fit with it, in most cases this is up to 5-6 colours

Original ideas


The above sketches are my initial concepts, i was trying to incorporate a number of elements into my designs, i wanted to, firstly, play on the words “smooth talking juice” or “smooth talking fruit”, i felt that this would work with the shape of the logo, being similar to a speech bubble and that it would give the brand a fun interpretation, i also wanted to incorporate the Infographic that i have applied to some other elements, to the poster, from the sketches above it is obvious that all of these elements together do not work, however each individually will and do work well, for example, the poster with the two drinks bottles ‘smooth’ talking to each other is quite a humorous point of advertising and works well to capture the audience, this would also be somewhat memorable to the viewer, However another way to show what the brand represents, could be similar to the poster that displays the vector info-graphic illustration, showing the ingredients, the tag line and the logo clearly in view and easily recognisable, this concept shows the health benefits of the drinks and gives the brand a regal, yet fun attitude and persona, which is (in my view) an appropriate means to communicate to students and other young people.
I have mocked up some quick posters portraying these two examples;

Digital concepts





Label design

label design – (size, design, materials)


cbd 4

Generating ideas:

Mix 2



Initial ideas and sketches:


Final Labels

Final prototype mock-ups



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