Logo design

A look at good use of logotypes

Above are some example of typographic logos that i found in logotype, by Michel Evary, they are some of the most prestigious, well- known and recognised brand logos of all time, this may be because of the product or the company, but non the less the logos are visually apt and fit perfectly to the brands heritage, i have chosen these logos from the book, which has thousands of example of logos, because they are the brands i use the most, i want to understand why these logos work better than others, why i prefer to pick up these product rather than others. Its a mix of things, the logotype and typography, the colours used, the shape and the overall design and visual style all play a big role.


Mind-mapping the name and style of my brand.

To start the journey of designing the identity of my brand i must start with brainstorming some ideas and concepts, there are a number of topics to take into account when starting the brainstorm section, one the target audience, the product, the visual style, the name, the tagline and the unique selling point. there are a lot of different points to account for when designing an effective brand identity, i created a few mind-maps to expand and develop my ideas, my original idea at the beginning of this project was to design a brand identity for my own soft drink similar to Vimto, which gave me the name MIX (mix of fruit), however this concept lacked motivation and was too broad with the target audience and the style, this lead me to try and promote the product to students/young people specifically, though this was easy, as it is a fizzy sugary soft drink, through brainstorming i came to the conclusion to brand the Mix drink product to be a healthy drink for a younger audience, this lead me to change it from a soft drink to a fruit juice/smoothie, with the notion to promote being healthy to young people.

With this figured out, the next aspect to take into account was the visual style and graphical elements, i had determined that it is a healthy drink for students, this means that the brand cant appear luxurious or upperclass and expensive, however i didn’t want it to be cheap and tacky, through brainstorming i came to a conclusion of a basic graphical, typography heavy identity.


Initial logo ideas

As it is noticeable from these sketches, i was quite adamant that the logo for the brand would be a typographic logo that clearly displayed the name of the product and hopefully portrayed the essence of the brand.

I explored deeply into typographic logos, and found that many famous brands use a cursive typeface to convey their company, i felt that cursive font show a sense of luxury and quality yet give off a fun and happy emotion, i decided that this would be an appropriate way to show the identity of the brand, after sketching multiple outcomes i arrived at a choice of two that i felt stood out, i developed the two a little bit further and evaluated each until i arrived at the decision

final logo decision

final Mix logo


afer looking at what the logo would look like with colour, on top of shapes and as an outline, i felt that the bottom image more visually pleasing than the other and so decided to develop it further, experimenting with colours, shapes, angles and so on…

final logo’s deconstructed

with colours:

finished final MIX logo

 final typographic logo

Mix logo final


logo development & changes

thumbnails 1

Final droplet designs + colours



Final logo concept




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