Rebranding and branding, similar but not the same, a brand can have a very specific, loyal and predictable consumer fan base, when a rebranding project is initiated a lot of consideration into how the consumer will react to change, must be taken into account, they might love the rebrand and sales will rise or in some case like tropicana, the rebrand could mean a drastic drop in sale and an upset and confused consume wondering if the product itself has changed to, coca-cola in 1985 rebranded there drink, they called it the new coke, they adapted the recipe and gave the brand a whole new look, even though sales of the product rose (probably because the word spread and peopleĀ needed to try it to believe it), the customers outrage and upset for the rebrand or reboot (if you will) meant that coca-cola had to retaliate and compromise, they formed the coke drink AND coca-cola that we see today.



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