What is branding?


idea research & generation

information is beautiful – McCandles, D (2012). Information is beautiful. 2nd ed. london: Collins. 116-117.

Whilst perusing through ‘information is beautiful’ by David McCandless, i found a few infographics that detailed what ingredients went into what drinks, for example the coffee cups show how much coffee, water, milk and other stuff like froth goes into each specific drink to make it different from the rest, i like the idea of using an infographic to display the ingredients of a food or drink, i aim to take inspiration from this concept and apply it to my drinks bottle, possible on the label, i think that this clearly shows what element make up the drink, which would be an excellent addition to a juice or smoothie drink as these use many different kind of fruit and veg in their concoction.

I also found a page or two displaying the use of colour and how they work, the first shows what colours where in fashion and popularity during both the summer and the winter of the past 12 years, the second shows what colours are the ‘hottest’ colours to use on a product, according to women’s fashion, again this over the past 10 years and show the difference between summer and winter, i found this interest to see so so much of a difference throughout the years and the seasons, i also liked how they have named all of the colours with names like ‘snorkel blue’ and ‘withered rose’.

brand guidelines

The images bellow below detail what a company requires from its brand, how its logo’s should be used to be bespoke and what not to do with them. It is essential that a brands identity remains intact, if one small aspect was to change the logo and brand would look out of place, cheap and undesirable, it is for theses reasons that they must stay intact, if, for example, the x hight of the typography of a logo was to be lower or raised by a fraction, it would disrupt the whole balance of the logotype. Companies make these brand guidelines to specifically instruct designers about the proper use of there identity, theses can be found on the website of almost all corporations, like twitter or amazon, they usually come in the form of a instruction booklet of pamphlet

skype brand book – look

Below are a few examples of how to properly use some of the logos of a few very prestigious brands.