Branding brief

Top tips for initiating a brand identity project.

Branding brief

  • Mission

    What are you doing right now, today? What happens because you exist?
  • Vision

    What are or will be the results and effects of what you do in the future?
  • Core values

    What are the attitudes and beliefs that shape your business culture?
  • Unique selling point

    What’s your edge, the thing that makes you stand out?
  • Emotional selling point

    What’s the intangible or aspiration that you sell? Think feelings not facts. Connection, freedom, ego, belonging.…
  • Brand essence

    The core of what you do, the image it portrays and the signals it sends.
  • Tagline

    One line that communicates everything.
  • Identity

    How the consumer perceives your brand.
  • Name

    The verbal hook on which all of the above hangs and is communicated, the icing on your cake. Comes in all the way down here at number nine!
  • Logo
    Last but not least the visual hook that represents your brand, the cherry on the top.

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