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Hello and welcome to my blog

Here i will be documenting my journey through my independent study, for the first section (semester 1) i will be showing my research for my idea; the question i have chosen to answer is “how does the branding/advertising of a product affect its popularity and sales?”,i will be researching existing brands and will carry out case studies to answer my question, from here i will design a hypothetical product based on my findings, which brings me to semester 2, the second section of this blog will document my stages from research to development to final product, and will hopefully flow into the final exhibition module.

I will be pairing this blog with a hard copy sketchbook, this sketchbook will be filled with design ides and sketches along with research and thoughts throughout the project, i intend on doing a lot of primary research to reinforce the topic, i will look at both cheap/basic branding and also expensive/top of range branding.